Today I offered a handshake

Jay Sharma of Mahi photo studio, has professionally transferred, various media formats of some analog and some early digital Era data. I was flustered when I arrived, having gone two blocks further than I needed but was able to backtrack via the two parking lots. Joking to one guy having a soft drink n think in the first parking, blurting out I was looking for a hair salon with a photo shop in back, he charmingly offered for me to take his picture, I smiled and waved, explaining that I over shot the block, then a smile and wave to the vehicle number two with two men in it, pulling up to car one so I could deke across the side lane into the parking lot I needed. Then into the shop where Jay and I reviewed the project, I took the most importent one, and after reviewing the laptop and Hitachi dvd camera, cancelled that portion. We chatted about retail customers rarely being right and always righteous. I told him that when I worked retail, the rule was good, fast, cheap. And pick any two of them. We both laughed, and as I thanked him for his professional work, and said there was a bit more, I impulsively held out and for an actual physical handshake. Something I have not done for probably 30 years in business encounters, and 20 over personal relationship, but I am germ phobic, so that is my reason. It was an amazing feeling though, interpersonal and professional respect, eh. From photo expert at Scottsdale mall, to Mahi photo studio, two businesses I recommend on the 120th between Surrey and delta British Columbia.

I got goldened today

Retriever that is. I did some errands, and at one location, the staff had their dog at work. I have pet this dog before, but today it tried to be friendly with my vehicle, so I drove extra careful in the parking lot when I saw it running loose in all directions as golden retrievers are want to do, eh. It pouted on the sidewalk as I walked across the lot, and I barely smiled and waved my hand before it bounded across the lot, with its head under my hand, heel better for the pet than if I had put a leash on one too. Puppy therapy is one thing. But this particular dog puts all the Goldens in advertising to shame, they really are the belugas of dog, appeasing friendly, but apparently the most likely breed To bite people. That pleasure frustration from positive to negative attention behaviours. Dogs are a lot like people, eh

Breathing on the breath

I began this blog while I was on vacation, just the next suburb over, the city I spent my childhood, eh. Many of the first blog posts where about the dogs that people walked by with. Unlike people, all dogs stop to interact, eh. For non Canadian reader’s that is a more tired drawn out eh, the you know so hard I don’t have to tell you version of eh. Anyway, the most mentioned was the small sized husky, who’s human was a yoga instructor. And we talked about ptsd and meditation, about the fight or flight response, and the lesser discussed catatonic or play dead, sit down in shock is the most common disaster event response, because people have no training ingrained to fall back on instead of falling down. Being help instead of needing it. We discussed breathing, panting helps to cool your head and body down, but if you have the gene to curl your tongue and breath through it. The effect is deeper, changing between breathing modes, hyperventilation prevention, as a bonus, with moderate movement, and letting the words abstract, dissipate, mind body balance, by the raw recovery specialist