A sinking feeling

This morning, it happened. The kitchen sink overflowed. Towels to the floor and bailing out the sink with my oversize coffee mug. The mess mopped, time for brunch and flopping on the couch until the plumber shows, eh.


Calm down eh

Twelve dollars for a latte and croissant, that I had to repeat my order four times to the clerk with a cold touching his nose and sniffling, eh. Dear coffee clerk, be efficient and customers will remain calm. Cafe argianto, that was my last time in any of your caf├ęs.

From private to car share, eh

Reducing one’s carbon footprint this decades way of saying downsizing. Leave it to the private sector to finally get around to co-ops, eh. Good thing not just in canada, which is not a pity. Note to non Canadian readers, there is a tea joke in there.