Men vs women, disgust

With the debate over the baby it’s cold outside, a seduction in relationship and also a date rape song, and while the climate has change, cold or hot, sadly some things take longer to. In the late 1990s, I worked at a small law firm. Where one client, a man, was seeking a pardon for the complete served 20 years sentence for the murder of his wife. He had gone over drunk to argue and murdered her. He immediately called the price, confessed and and guilty. He had no chance of a legal pardon. While it was different meeting him, he was not as repulsive as the woman, who worked for prisoner justice, who wanted her man moved from Ontario to bc prison. For conjugal visits. He was in jail for raping 30 women. And probably more. I have to wonder, if not compulsory, would anyone be hetero?


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