An altercation of words

I was staring at my phone net device, in the lobby of a medical lab, when there was an incident. A staff member politely inquired of the only not white person who was standing in the corner of the room. She said in a friendly tone, Sir in the corner do you have a question? His response was to become shrill and demand to know why he was singled out of all the people sitting in the waiting room. The staff was stunned in silence, and everyone else was too. I told him to dial down the offense taking, and his voice got even higher, but not louder. I remained seated, my body relaxed and an increasingly amused facial expressions, as I suggested he be calm or else police. He stepped forward in a bring it posture, declared he was unafraid of police. At this poi t his white pregnant wife entered the lobby from the testing area, and he called me retarded. I laughed and said he doesn’t get to play victim then, having nothing to reply with, he left peacefully with the pregnant wife. The lobby group all stared at me, I apologized for the online behaviour, and the staff thanked me. I said, security is a process, not a product, and heads nodded. My mom was done at the testing, so as I left, I told a two year old, that that was not how adults are supposed to behave, and I expect her understanding was as good as his, eh. And yes, had the staffer tone of voice been different, I would have defended him.


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