Today I offered a handshake

Jay Sharma of Mahi photo studio, has professionally transferred, various media formats of some analog and some early digital Era data. I was flustered when I arrived, having gone two blocks further than I needed but was able to backtrack via the two parking lots. Joking to one guy having a soft drink n think in the first parking, blurting out I was looking for a hair salon with a photo shop in back, he charmingly offered for me to take his picture, I smiled and waved, explaining that I over shot the block, then a smile and wave to the vehicle number two with two men in it, pulling up to car one so I could deke across the side lane into the parking lot I needed. Then into the shop where Jay and I reviewed the project, I took the most importent one, and after reviewing the laptop and Hitachi dvd camera, cancelled that portion. We chatted about retail customers rarely being right and always righteous. I told him that when I worked retail, the rule was good, fast, cheap. And pick any two of them. We both laughed, and as I thanked him for his professional work, and said there was a bit more, I impulsively held out and for an actual physical handshake. Something I have not done for probably 30 years in business encounters, and 20 over personal relationship, but I am germ phobic, so that is my reason. It was an amazing feeling though, interpersonal and professional respect, eh. From photo expert at Scottsdale mall, to Mahi photo studio, two businesses I recommend on the 120th between Surrey and delta British Columbia.


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