Breathing on the breath

I began this blog while I was on vacation, just the next suburb over, the city I spent my childhood, eh. Many of the first blog posts where about the dogs that people walked by with. Unlike people, all dogs stop to interact, eh. For non Canadian reader’s that is a more tired drawn out eh, the you know so hard I don’t have to tell you version of eh. Anyway, the most mentioned was the small sized husky, who’s human was a yoga instructor. And we talked about ptsd and meditation, about the fight or flight response, and the lesser discussed catatonic or play dead, sit down in shock is the most common disaster event response, because people have no training ingrained to fall back on instead of falling down. Being help instead of needing it. We discussed breathing, panting helps to cool your head and body down, but if you have the gene to curl your tongue and breath through it. The effect is deeper, changing between breathing modes, hyperventilation prevention, as a bonus, with moderate movement, and letting the words abstract, dissipate, mind body balance, by the raw recovery specialist


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