Watch “Spinning Chair Kitty” on YouTube butch babe callout, this was the menacing monster, a two thirds sized tabby, I had a pair of sister alley rescue kittens, the other was fluffy black,


11 thoughts on “Watch “Spinning Chair Kitty” on YouTube

    1. She loved spinning! My childhood cat liked to be vacuumed and would come in from outside, even then power head, there a video youtube from the eighties of him. Cat gets vacuumed, and I did all the attschments


  1. Reminds me of my childhood, when we used to go to fairgrounds and get on the waltzers ( only brits will understand ) we would ask the fairground attendant to spin us around faster and after about a couple of minutes we’d feel really sick. Good times


      1. I always had dogs growing up, but unfortunately with work and what not I didn’t have the the time to properly look after them, but I was fortunate enough to be able to go to crufts as it’s in my hometown of Birmingham in the UK.


  2. Haha That happened to me at crufts once a cocker spaniel was standing on a stool and as I approached she started to wag not just her tail but her whole body. I wasn’t sure whether it was me or her mom was behind. So I went up to her gave a little fuss behind her ear and the owner came running up to her with a brush in her hand. Miserable cow. Lovely dog though


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