Cat logic

Biting the hand that feeds you as the way to ask said hand, to feed you, eh.


6 thoughts on “Cat logic

  1. Ha, my cat frightens the life out of my girl when she gives her a little nip, but I think workmen especially get the fright of their lives when she gives them a clout from the stair bannister, I’ve taught her well, “sniff”I’m so proud lol.


    1. I had a computer tech guy that my cat menaced, she sat on the keyboard and stated at him. I said you must really hate or fear cats. No he claimed, I like them, it was fear from his tone. I said she’d be hiding if you liked them, let me grab her, he breathed with relief, him not wanting to offend the cats human, but I was paying him for work, and the cat was being a jerk.

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