Bigotry now an official state emergency

Canada, west coast province, British Columbia is preparing to remove the statue of John a Macdonald, the would be first king, instead prime minister of Canada. My impression of him formed from a single line in a cbc miniseries called the last spike.. I saw it at home and again in school, because a teacher video taped the broadcast, the educational value deemed more important than the copy right. It was the 1970s when cassettes were supposed to end the music industry, eh. Anyway, the line was in the scene of Macdonald preparing for parliament and telling the guy to at least make it vodka and look like water. In Virgina, the anniversary of confederate statuary, has declared a state of emergency. So here is the clue, there is no right to withhold or deny dignity or rights from other people based on personal preferences or choice of one’s personal religion.


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