Being hated in society

Stress is the great killer. Being prevented from participating in society is stressful, and being mistreated to ones face and talked about in society and governments as issue of whether or not rights may be withheld, or delayed or denied, puts paid the the entire concept of rights. Rights are for people not property or ideas. And no one should be denying personal dignity nor treat with mistrust any individual unless they demonstrate the need to restrict personal freedom’s. Existing is not harm to society, everyone has the right to be considered a person, which said person defines. Those of us treated with contempt, despite not conducting ourselves criminally or abusively to others, are under stress, not from anything we’ve done, but because other people who assume and do not even know us. It is little wonder people under duress struggle to have life long relations or long life’s. The denial of marriage equality, when marriage improves quality of life, and be blamed for stds and suicide rates. Equality improves everyone’s lives, so stop with the value judging, given the social outcome of tedious values. No more representation without taxation.


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