The better part of the 4 hours @ Surrey memorial hospital

I dropped my mom at the door and then parked the vehicle in the hospital lot, for two blocks of two back to back hours. I reluctantly post that particular, because of the dreaded spam and upfront advertisements that waste bandwidth utterly, that naming names and places does in Web 3.0. I webbed in Web 1.0 when it was geeks and secretaries who knew how to use computers, before it was For Dummies-downed into consumer products plethora obsolete at the end of the conveyor belt. Anyway, that is a different post, eh. Surrey memorial, I walked into the lobby, my mom in the triage queue. After she was called into the next phase, I remained where I was. I watched a volunteer give a child a small toy car, that he rolled all over the room, paying no attention to where he was, guesstimate aged 10. His mother had been keeping him quite and seated. A woman in hookerwear and a flannel hospital blanket as a cape or shawl, she was the junkie I active listened to in the previous post about this day, posted yesterday. When she later walked through the second room, the creep guy of the dealing with in public, said to his second audience when he saw her, looks like someone is going to work. Which on one level, my comment about her clothes, might not appear different than his. But I described her clothes, not her person, nor did I humiliate her for a cheap laugh. As if that makes the speaker bigger, eh? There was also a man, who when called in, got up from his slumped seat, device in face, hands blocking visual of feet and floor obstacles, and other people, with both of his shoes untied, long laces at least 8 inches swinging around his feet. I watched him for a moment, as I did a unofficial triage in a woman with two other women. One had fallen and was worried about a broken leg. I advised her that my first aid ticket was expired, but even without my glasses, hanging from my shirt collar, I could see no bruising, or contusions or protrusions. That muscle pulls and sprains feel as bad as breaking a bone, so worse case a fracture, so likely a walking cast. Three minds set at ease for the wait. At one point when I joined my.kom in the second room, she with her two support people, parked by us, she’d been to x-ray. But the best part was giving up my seat to the elderly frail woman with her anxious daughter, who was glad when my fast friend that I had mocked creep guy went with her screaming in pain grandmother into the treatment room, the daughter accepted my seat only after I explained, I was a family member waiting, not a patient who needed a seat with their support person. Because that was how I ended up speaking to the one municipal police constables, rather than the handful of rcmp constables. Which is where I end this post. Signed, the agoraphobic philosopher, nina tryggvason


3 thoughts on “The better part of the 4 hours @ Surrey memorial hospital

  1. I find that people who ridicule are usually people who’ve been ridiculed in the past, such a shame that they don’t remember what it felt like before doing it to someone else. Your mom okay?


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