Abuse in lgbtq relationships

https://queerculturechats.org/2018/07/29/domestic-abuse-in-lgbt-relationships-why-arent-we-talking-about-it/ this is a 2018 post. Back in the 1990, I published an article about domestic abuse in xtra west, Vancouver’s second queer newspaper, after having been the news editor for angles, Vancouver’s original gay and lesbian newspaper. Xtra remains Canada’s queer major newspaper. Part of the probkem.if domestic abuse is the not talking about it, and the only abused talked about publically being heterosexual. Which is dependant on evil male with victim female. It is part of the invisibility double standard of male and female archetypes along with I love Lucy and the honeymooners tropes. Lucy sometimes feared Ricky when he raised his hand, but Ralph feared Alice more, even as he uttered one of these days. The myth of woman sisterhood, and that there are some good men out there, the mainstream does not cope with understanding sub cultures, esoecially when they present a microcosm. The fear of gay men getting to have as much sex as they want because they don’t have to friends first maybe romance women, contrasts with lesbian uhaul, serial monogamy and lesbian sex death bed.

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