Queer the silent lgbtq letter

In the 1990, gays and lesbian came together as queers, drag was our culture and the focus of mainstream media coverage, and aids the fearful word on most peoples minds. Bisexuals were thought of tourists and transgender changed the conversation of who was in and outside of community. And in 2018, we now need to consider emerged bit know groups asexuals and kinky heterosexuals, as in the community or thereat community over but allied with us. There is also the long overdue kicking out and clearly declaring no nambla. Time to end the farce of sexual ageism as a nice way to say child rape. Given there is no female equivalent of this group, the silence cannot be excused with tradition. Even the Vatican had begun to realize the result of religion being money for nothing with altar boys for free. Time to end the myth of the gay and lesbian sexual predators, as if the crime stats are unclear on adult makes preying upon girls before boys. That is not to say that women are incapable of crimes as horrific, just not in the the statistical percentages as males. Well, that went off the headline. That’s scuzzy logic for you, seeing the world not in an either or, but in full spectrum of expression, possibility and options. Queer thoughts and processes, are we our bodies or our minds, either way, everyone is their own expert, entitled to self sovereignty, not to be imputed or reduced by others, wanting to rain on yours mine and our parade, block out the sun or loss into the wind, eh. Right to exist, cannot be without environmental protections. We all breath the same air and drink the same water, eh.


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