A golden retriever

Today I petted a golden retriever. It was a year old and there are few events like puppies. Goldens are mostly used in advertising for those dopamine reasons. I last had two, a brother and sister. Anyway, I got to dog chat today. I told the two humans about the Canada TV show littlest hobo and the dog training book by the TV dog owner, called stop sit think. The ultimate dog trying book, talk to the dog they pay more attention to you than your children and teenagers will. Dogs are unconditional love in fur. And I also saw my first half lab half mastiff, it was a very serious dog, while Goldens and labs are perpetual toddlers. Cats are teenagers of course. The half sized white husky dropped by for pets, when I stopped petting him to talk with its humans, he dug some dirt for attention, and the fluffy cuteness override reason, and pet him I did.


10 thoughts on “A golden retriever

  1. Golden Retriever are natural athletes, agile and competitive. Their tolerant behavior makes them an extremely lovable pet. They are one of the most loved pet. Usually, all other dog suffers from bad breath, the golden retrievers are blessed with a soft mouth and smells fresh always.


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