The flirting rules

It is funny to me with 7 billion people.

how many people are worried about how to flirt, especially heterosexuals who are literally bombarded across all media with examples of courtship. Flirting is a process of enrolling others with direct, overt coy and subtext elements, and it it in the would be flirter to demonstrate appeal. Not on the flirt target to overlook what is evident on the face of things. Also being clear on whether one is a person for some time, vs right now, vs life partner. In 2018, with the American women still not having legal equality, and roe v wade in play, with NATO nations have these same repeated legal battles, is it any wonder women are not as casual about sex. And post the aids pandemic, it is not yet a chronically manageable disease, and far from cured medically, it continues to resist prevention, human ignorance, with willingness to risk life for sex. From the Victorian great and small poses to to post aids and 911 Era, we have to get over basic biology, there’s less than 1 percent genetic difference between any two of the over 7 billion of us, stop being bothered others exist and are entitled to perusal dignity, be pleasant. And instead of fearful, social interactions are actually fun, which leads to friendships, from which romance may or may not result, but from which there would be others to met introduced through. And, this goes for everyone, regardless of gender and sexuality plus other demographics, angry and needy is not attractive, people who project their own self loathing or scapegoat others, or who are looking for someone to blame for their problems or make up for things not actually caused by them, are relationship red flags. Just because one person is attracted does not mean or require the intended to reciprocate, yes, it it a risk to be vulnerable. So make sure to person of your affection is worthy of it, and failure to let you down well, shows they were not. But, there are no rules, other than what passes for social norms, so be 10 percent or more better than that, also, sex requires consent, and that includes sexual history so if you can’t talk about sex in an adult way, including the medical icky life and death stuff, you are not ready for sex, and as we say in the Commonwealth, bobs your uncle and I think fill your boots is a Canada saying, eh. Seriously the device dictionary had asexual but not sexual in the dictionary.


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