Before apps we had skills

I was probably one of the last to learn to type on a manual typewriter, and my first year off college, used an underwood, an elegant machine. With reports outlined on index cards, you typed out your report to the highest level of spelling accuracy with 10 fingers over two hands. Unlike the internet, which is one hand on the keyboard with the other on yourself. Word wanking or image wanking. Whatever it is that people search for, gratification wise, eh. Typing became word processing, and access the noun became a verb. From early spell checkers, that could only fix a wrongly spelled word not a correctly spelled incorrect word, to the passive grammar checkers, to the current suggest platitudes and meaningless chatter that passes as social interactions, tech is for geeks, and not really designed the general public. I am often surprised what programmers get away with, using software to Turin test humans, which too many fail in real life. Lest we forget, these things only pass for the bystanders, who will then claim the by standing now somehow served the common good, despite the obviously lack of greater good. Knowledge us what you know, it not look up able, in Flanders fields and the hangman poem are though. Lest we forget


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