Bipetual: cats and dogs

A mother with two small children on the walkway approached by a man with a small dog. From my patio vantage, I listen to the girls fear of cats, her mother assuring her, that it’s a dog on a leash. They pass by and I call out, better to like cats and dogs, the mother turned and nodded, so I finished, be bipetual. She laughed and continued on with the children the joke zoomed over their heads. Then the man passed by, so I moved to the gate to see. I said a pug, they’re cute. He stopped and smiled, but I did not open, rather I stepped back from the gate. I smiled and explained that the little girl thought his dog was a cat. He laughed and continued on his walk with his dog.


14 thoughts on “Bipetual: cats and dogs

  1. Mind you nina I love all animals, much better than humans and most will die to protect their young, the same can’t be said of humans.


      1. I fought the law but the law won Bobby fuller, arms are american,.in canada mounties always get their man, and I deleted the rcmp vs women class action comment, and include it as a reference only, eh


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