Alien symbolism

Entertainment reflects and shapes the collective social anxieties, and when we can’t name those we deem enemies, we use aliens as the stand in. In the middle of the 1980, there was V. A fascists cautionary tale of reptilian invaders wanting our water and humans for food, before we learning that water is not so rare in the universe, but resources are resources. The original show had had mostly regular people becoming freedom fighters, and the 1980s had that paranoia theme. red dawn wolverines! It was the Era of anxiety, from the box’s threads to ABC’s the day after, while in reality, people feared video games, backtracking in rock n roll but mostly, the database, which is now willing if populated via social media platforms. The original V was two miniseries and a short lived TV show. The plot rebels vs invaders with the TV series including a science corporation for a set location. The reboot series took on more if the infiltration and government level characters, with more emphasis on media literacy and alien magic powers of manipulation, foreshadowing the brexit and American 2016 elections. So much for the boob tube idiot box, video killed the radio star, but the internet mashed all media up. In any event, aliens as our save us from ourselves or ad a uniting force for the people to work together to solve planetary environmental, energy water and resources, fur best and highest use for the best distributed good, what we could do if right were inalienable, rather than seeing each other as lesser than or worse prey, might rarely makes right, it only makes this who benefit righteous in their entitlement. And considering the environment, blu ray has to be the last physical consumer format, too many resources are turned into garbage, and too many products are obsolete at the end of the conveyor belt. Act local think global. We all breath the same air and drink the same water. And, as for the message of the original and reboot V, lest we forget.


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