Sorry Surrey bc

Canada is one year younger than street lamps. Canada’s cities where named for some European places, others with a dictionary, and some by their function, or the junction for which they existed. The city of Surrey British Columbia, like many cities gets names for the socio economic areas that make up the usual divide of good haves and the bad nots. One of these areas is whalley. Which in the Queen’s English slang is an idiot fool dumb type. Anyway the problem of optics. Which was once a lens, but is now how a thing appears, eh. Anyway, here is a photo. I also state I have no objection to porn. I used to be a store manager for adult videos. In fact I once defended those particular stores to former Surrey mayor Bob Bose. The store I worked at was in Delta, the next burb over. I also worked for an adult video distribution company, during which time, I called into a cbc radio program and asked then bc film commission Mary Lou mccausland why various sex acts were specifically listed but necrophilia was not actually mentioned, with the meaning of they have better things to police than one of the better self regulsting industries that there is. Not in favour of necrophilia, just saying that Porn did more to promote condoms and safe sex than any other thing did in the aids Era of the 1980s and 1990s, including better pay for women than men. But feminism is not about pornifying. Ones self. And the porn I dusty more than video games or office work needs have driven the computer industry, with all this industrial Spin offs, eh. I mention this work because I deemed it more socially acceptable than the seven federal government departments that I can’t talk about. I worked retail and grassroots nonprofit, one law firm and government, the public est sector. Agoraphobic philosopher


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